Custom Blends: After your initial consultation I will be pleased to create custom blends for you according to your specific requirements and preferences.


Flax Heating Pads: These heating pads are created using colorful heavyweight cotton cloth filled with flax seed and jasmine rice. When warmed they release an aromatic moist heat that is soothing to achey joints and sore muscles. The addition of the calming herbs, lavender and chamomile, add to their relaxing properties. They also make a wonderful foot warmer on cold winter nights.  $15.00


Hand-felted Diffuser Pendants: These pendants are made from local, hand-felted wool which is then placed in a metal spiral.  Add essential oils to the wool ball and then wear it as jewelry or hang it in your car or your work-space to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of your chosen essential oils or blend. $8.00