Here at Blue Skye Wellness, we endeavor to assist people to manage their specific health and wellness concerns by  using the modalities of Aromatherapy and Reiki. Aromatherapy employs the use of aromatic essential oils to address personal wellness goals in order to help support the body to function at its best. Reiki is an energy work technique that employs light touch over specific areas of the body. It is a gentle modality based on the use of universal energy to activate the natural healing processes of a person’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Consultations may be scheduled via Skype, in the treatment space provided at the Blossom Center in Middlefield, MA or in the treatment space in our shop at 26 Main Street in Chester, MA. Call us if you have questions about the process.

Initial Consultation: During an initial aromatherapy consultation session, I will meet with you for approximately 60 minutes to discuss your individual concerns and to review the intake form that you will fill out prior to our meeting. We will establish a plan of action using essential oil applications that are targeted to support your specific needs. With your preferences in mind, I will formulate an essential oil blend in a personal inhaler or roller bottle for you. You will leave our meeting with an understanding of how the application of essential oils will support your individual wellness goals and how to use them effectively and safely. $65.00  

Follow up Consultation: During a follow up aromatherapy consultation session, we will meet for approximately 30 to 45 minutes to discuss your individual concerns and to assess how effective the targeted essential oil applications were in supporting your specific wellness goals. We will review the established plan of action and continue or make changes as is appropriate. Again, with your preferences in mind, I will formulate an essential oil blend specifically for you. You will leave our meeting with a greater understanding of how using essential oils will help you to reach your individual wellness goals. $45.00

Reiki Session: During a Reiki session we will discuss your health and wellness goals and review the intake form that you fill out prior to our initial session. The session will be aimed at creating a space where healing can be supported. An intention will be set for your specific needs and you will assume a position that is comfortable for you, whether sitting or laying down. A session lasts for at least 60 minutes. $65.00

First time clients are asked to fill out an Intake Form so that I can plan for our session.